luxurious anonymity book2


luxurious anonymity book3

luxurious anonymity book4

luxurious anonymity book5


My first project for Introduction to Fashion at SCAD was a trend report, which entailed coming up with a trend and creating a 6-10 page book of that trend, called a trend report. This is mine, entitled “Luxurious Anonymity”.

My inspiration for this trend came from many sources. I am constantly reading about the circus that Fashion Week has become, and how many of those in the industry are starting to wish that they could be anonymous, so that they could do their jobs, and not be followed and hounded by aggressive photographers and bloggers. Another source of inspiration for my trend report was nature. I have begun to see more and more often that people are going back to nature, and wanting to be more healthy and live better lifestyles. I tried to embody this in my trend report, with soothing, natural colors and organic shapes, all while keeping the overall design simple and clean. But while many are wishing to be more healthy and remain anonymous, they still want luxury. Thus, Luxurious Anonymity.


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