breaking the rules

This T by Alexander Wang skirt came in today. I am obsessed. So much so that I decided to disregard the fact that yesterday was Labor Day and white is supposedly now off limits. Because what is fashion without a little bit of rule-breaking?

Top: Forever 21   Skirt: T by Alexander Wang   Shoes: Converse   Purse: Zara


perfect timing

My love for ASOS has reached an all-time high, and unfortunately, so has my shoe obsession. Thankfully, these pretties arrived on my doorstep this morning. I could not be more in love.


I’m just going to go ahead and be as cliched as possible and say that I can’t believe August is almost over. Honestly though, I really can’t. Now that September is so close, I literally cannot think of anything else but Savannah. For so long now, I’ve dreamed of moving away from home and attending art school, and the fact that it in a week my dream will finally become reality is a little more than overwhelming. Yet it still seems so far away, as every second seems to drag on longer than the last. So for now, I will continue to read for countless numbers of hours and listen to Frank Ocean on repeat as I sit around and envy all of my friends already off living their new, exciting college lives and try to console myself that I will be there soon enough.

Shirt: Urban Outfitters   Skirt: Forever 21   Ring: Etsy   Shoes: Steve Madden




Some random inspiration from which I’ve been drawing as of late. If you can’t tell, I’m a little bit excited for fall, because let’s be honest, a life without sweaters is not a life worth living.

I apologize for my extreme lack of posting lately. Getting ready for college and visiting with friends and family has consumed my life the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I’ll be less busy any time soon. Bear with me, please.

Hope everyone is enjoying their last days of summer/first days of school. I’ll be joining the latter soon.

All images via Pinterest.


Thought I’d make everyone’s weekend a little better and share this video my friend Madison made in our hometown, Owensboro. As much as we complain about it, I’ve truly made some beautiful memories here, and it will forever remain in my heart. Madison, thank you so much for sharing this. I can’t tell you enough how much I love it.

and then there were none

My friends are pretty much all gone. To college, that is. Which means back to the awkward, out-of-focus self-timer portraits taken in my backyard because I’m way too embarrassed to take them anywhere else/ask someone to take them for me. So if you see an occasional dog tail halfway in a picture or cat ears popping up out of the grass, that’s why. I would apologize, but honestly I think that makes the boring pictures of myself a little bit more interesting. And hopefully less conceited. Also to those of you who were wondering, the cat in the last picture is Smoky. He’s awesome. Shirt is from F21, shorts are BDG, ring from F21 and who knows where else, and boots are Dolce Vita (purchased from eBay, of course.) Hope everyone has an awesome weekend, and to all my friends moving this weekend/already in college – have fun, and I miss you. Love you guys.


Just a few days ago I created an account on a website called StyledOn. StyledOn is like the fashion version of Facebook, and is a place where fashionistas can interact and share their style. Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to find a feature of yours truly as I logged onto my account! Above is the picture used, but you can read the full article (and leave comments!) here. Thanks, StyledOn!